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Bio-Pouch - Custom PackSpecifically designed for sending infectious substances, diagnostic specimens and Biological samples either across town or around the world.
Compliance is assured in this easy to use, economical package.

Made of: Laminated LLDPE
Carton Length: 295.0mm
Carton Height: 105.0mm
Carton Diameter: 190.0mm
Pouch Length: 370.0mm
Pouch Diameter: 260.0mm
Pouch Opening: 190.0mm
Complete Weight: 280.0 Gms
Bag Weight Only: 20.0 Gms

Specifications · Technology Advanced Equipment

Made of Laminated LLDPE
Complete Weight
280.0 gms
Carton Length
295.0 mm
Carton Height
105.0 mm
Carton Diameter
190.0 mm
Pouch Length
370.0 mm
Pouch Diameter
260.0 mm
Pouch Opening
190.0 mm
Bag Weight Only
20.0 gms

Technology Advanced Equipment  
Since 1972, CPI has been expanding and improving our manufacturing and design engineering capabilities. Our R&D staff is continually monitoring new equipment and manufacturing techniques to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry. Today, CPI’s packaging techniques and design capabilities are second to none.

All Bottles
  • Complies with air and road requirements.
  • Tested to IATA Pkg. Instructions 602 & 650.
  • Approved by CAA, Ministry of Health, & UN.
  • Made of super tough plastic, nearly unbreakable.
  • Includes absorbent pad and protective wrap.
  • Color coated lid for easy identification.
  • Wide mouth for easy access lids.
  • Suitable for organs, swabs, & large samples
  • No ackward clips or assembly required


Bio Bottle - Brochure
(PDF, 398KB)
IATA certified, 95 kpa below
ISO 9001:2008-Certified Company
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